Clojure API for Selenium-WebDriver

This project is maintained by semperos

Clojure API for Selenium-WebDriver

This is a Clojure library for driving a web browser using Selenium-WebDriver as the backend. For more comprehensive documentation on all of clj-webdriver's features, read the Github wiki. You can generate documentation locally with lein doc (API docs) or lein marg (annotated source).

Release Type Date Leiningen/Maven
Stable April 9 2013 [clj-webdriver "0.6.1"]
Pre-Release (Build locally) [clj-webdriver "0.7.0-SNAPSHOT"]

NOTE TO LEININGEN 2 USERS: At least as of Leiningen 2 preview 6, the default behavior for retrieving dependencies that fail a checksum test is not to download them. This affect's at least one of Selenium-WebDriver's transitive dependencies, which means you can't download clj-webdriver's dependencies with default Leiningen 2 settings. In order to solve this issue, you need to set the :checksum option for either your entire project.clj or for a specific Maven :repositories entry that contains Selenium-WebDriver's dependencies (e.g., Maven central). See Leiningen's repository README and example sample.project.clj file for more information.

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Please join the Google group if you use this library. I regularly post announcements about upcoming releases, and although I ensure all tests are passing and try to maintain good test coverage before releases, user testing is invaluable. Thank you!



Here's a complete example of how to log into Github, using the high-level Taxi API:

(use '

;; Start up a browser
(set-driver! {:browser :firefox} "")

(click "a[href*='login']")

(input-text "#login_field" "your-username")
(input-text "#password" "your-password")

(submit "#password")

Forms can be filled out en masse using the quick-fill-submit function:

(quick-fill-submit {"#login_field" "your-username"}
                   {"#password" "your-password"}
                   {"#password" submit})


For API documentation on the high-level Taxi API (shown above), please see its wiki page.

For reference documentation, run lein doc at the root of this repo. For annotated source documentation, run lein marg.


The master branch of clj-webdriver houses code intended for the next minor-version release. If you want to propose new features for the next release, you're welcome to fork, make a topic branch and issue a pull request against the master branch.

If you want to fix a bug in the current release, please pull against the appropriate branch for the current minor version, 0.6.x.

Running Tests

The namespace clj-webdriver.test.example-app.core contains a Ring app (routing by Moustache) that acts as the "control application" for this project's test suite.

Use lein test to run this library's test suite. Ensure port 5744 is free, or edit test/clj_webdriver/test/core.clj before running the tests. To run tests for the Taxi API, make sure you have the lein-midje plugin installed and run:

lein midje

It is highly recommended that you run the test suite for each browser separately, as otherwise you will see strange errors. Each supported browser has its own namespace, for example:

lein test clj-webdriver.test.firefox

Note: If you just want to run the example app that clj-webdriver uses for its testing purposes, do the following:


Credits to mikitebeka/webdriver-clj for the initial code for this project and many of the low-level wrappers around the Selenium-WebDriver API.

Many thanks to those who have contributed so far (in nick-alphabetical order):

See Github for an up-to-date list of contributors

Open Source Tools

I would like to thank the following companies for providing their tools free of charge to clj-webdriver developers as part of their contribution to the Open Source community.

JetBrains: Intellij IDEA

When I need to do Java, Scala, or even JRuby development, I rely on Intellij IDEA's excellent support for JVM languages. I would like to thank JetBrains for granting clj-webdriver developers a free license to Intellij IDEA Ultimate, now for two years running.

Proud to useJava IDE with advanced HTML/CSS/JS
editor for hardcore web-developers


YourKit is kindly supporting open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is the creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. Take a look at YourKit’s leading software products: YourKit Java Profiler and YourKit .NET Profiler.


Clj-webdriver is distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.